Stage of Company:  Mature, Post revenue, Series C investment

Market segment:  Biotechnology

Competitive/distinct Advantage:
•Unique and cost effective gene therapy technology based on the work of Nobel Laureate David Baltimore PhD’s Lab at CalTech
•Technology based on novel ex-vivo hematopoietic gene therapies for blood based diseases.
•HIV / AIDS, Sickle Cell Anemica and Beta Thalessemia are most advanced indications
•Technology also includes two proprietary platforms, Select+™ and Cytegrity™, designed to overcome challenges with stem cell therapy, including manufacturing consistent, high-quality products, and to improve engraftment, efficacy and tolerability

Exit Summary: Company acquired in September by CSL Behring
•$91 million Upfront with $325million in Milestones
•Cash on Cash Return: 2x on upfront payment on a six (6) month investment
•Potential Return on Milestones – Up to 6x Cash on Cash Return