​​BlueStone's Story

Turquoise, the elusive native blue stone of the Southwest, has enjoyed a special significance across different cultures throughout history.​​ Prized for its distinctive blue color, turquoise is thought to attract success and money. Its power is also fabled to bring protection, courage, and friendship. 

Just as turquoise derives its colors from the minerals in the ground where it forms, BlueStone Venture Partners' strength stems from partnering with businesses that reside in our shared innovation ecosystem.

Who We Are

BlueStone Venture Partners is a best-in-class life sciences venture capital fund capitalizing on the strength, creativity, and innovation found in entrepreneurial companies outside of the traditional investment hubs in the United States. 

Our firm is rooted in the Southwest and our experience has shown that there are investment gems likewise hidden in the desert Southwest. There is a dearth of venture capital support in the region despite strong universities, unique research centers, and significant infrastructure. We believe that our management skills, existing deal pipelines and relationships with industry-leading advisors and co-investors will enable us to choose companies wisely and in so doing create value for investors.


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Investing in Innovation

Fueling Growth